C O M P A N Y  P R O F I L E

Manisha Rubber Enterprises is a partnership firm manufacturing various types of Moulded and extruded Rubber products including Rubber-to-Fabric, Rubber-to-Metal Bonded industrial and technical components, sponge rubber and ebonite and special belting, adhesive etc.
Manisha Rubber Enterprises was established IN 1976. It is registered with Directorate of Industries, Mumbai and N.S.I.C. It is approved supplier to Government Departmetns including major public sector undertakings, critical industries and Private Sector undertakings.
With well trained and U.K. qualified Rubber Technologist, Manisha Rubber Enterprises is geared to meet the requirements of their clients, be it standard sizes or custom-built to the customer's specifications, we undertake small as well as large quanity orders.
Quality Assurance :
We have established our own Q.A.Laboratory; Certificate from third party can be arranged.

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