Skirt Rubber & Scrapper Rubber. :-Manufactured from specially compounded Rubber and Provides maximum service life to conveyor belts, as it protects belts from excessive wear at loading zone.
Hardness : 40o to 75o Shore  Hardness Ao
Heat resistant :Optional.
Fire resistant :Optional.
Thickness:From 6mm to30mm-Other sizes on request.
Slab Width:Upto 1200mm -Other sizes on request.
Roll length:Upto 30 Mtrs.
Colour:Black.-Other colours on request.
  • Highly flexible rubber sealing.
  • Positive sealing from dust.
  • Compatibility with all makes of Conveyor belts.
  • Optimum Cut / Wear / Impact resistance.









SpecialAplication Belts :
Following includes amongst wide range of Conveyor Belts we manufacture:

We are in a position to manufacture conveyor belts to specific requirements of customers.